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Publications Related to Birth Defects

Annual Publications

Special Studies

Name Year Published
Statistical Brief 49 - Sensitivity of Birth Certificate Reporting of Birth Defects in North Carolina, 2011-2017 2020
Statistical Primer 19 - Revisions to the North Carolina Birth Certificate and Their Impact on Tracking Maternal and Infant Health Data 2012
Health Profile of North Carolinians: 2011 Update 2011
SCHS Study 157 - Timeliness of Services During the First Two Years of Life Among Medicaid-Enrolled Children with Orofacial Clefts in North Carolina, 1995-2002 2008
Statistical Brief 31 - Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy and the Risk for Clubfoot in Infants: North Carolina, 1999-2003 2007
SCHS Study 149 - Predictors of Referral to the North Carolina Child Service Coordination Program Among Infants with Orofacial Clefts 2005
Racial and Ethnic Differences in Health in North Carolina: 2004 Update 2004
Selected Data on the Health of the Latino Population in North Carolina 2002
SCHS Study 126 - Knowledge and Use of Folic Acid Among North Carolina Women 2001
North Carolina Birth Defects Monitoring Program Surveillance Report 2000
Statistical Brief 19 - Folic Acid Fortification: Initial Effects on Neural Tube Defect Prevalence in North Carolina 2000
SCHS Study 112 - Infant Mortality and Low Birthweight in North Carolina: The Last 10 Years 1999
Statistical Brief 16 - Child Service Coordination Program Coverage for Infants with Spina Bifida 1998
Smoking in Pregnancy in North Carolina, Maternal Characteristics and Trends, 1988-1994 1997
CHES Study 88 - Trends in Cause and Birthweight-Specific Infant Mortality in North Carolina, 1987-88 to 1991-92 1994
CHES Study 74 - 1988-1990 North Carolina Birth Defects Registry Report 1993
CHES Study 60 - North Carolina Birth Defects Update 1991
CHES Study 52 - North Carolina Surveillance of Birth Defects 1989
SCHS Study 31 - Accounting for Congenital Malformations in North Carolina 1984
SCHS Study 29 - Death Among North Carolina's Children and Youth 1983
SCHS Study 21 - Maternal and Child Health Statistics in North Carolina over the Last Decade 1981
PHSB Studies 14: Association of Influenza with Congenital Tracheoesophageal Fistula and Oesophageal Atresia: An Analysis of Clusters 1979

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