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2008 Resident Live Births

 North Carolina

Risk Factors and Characteristics for

Parity - Total number of pregnancies, including the current live birth

Kotelchuck Index (Adequacy Of Prenatal Care) - This summary of the quantitative adequacy of prenatal care classifies prenatal care into four categories: Adequate Plus, Adequate, Intermediate, and Inadequate. The index uses birth certificate data on gestational age, number of prenatal visits, and month prenatal care began. The actual number of prenatal visits is compared to the recommended number of prenatal visits (accounting for gestational age), and the month prenatal care began is considered. The definitions of the four categories are:

Adequate Plus: Prenatal care begun by the 4th month and 110% or more of recommended visits received.
Adequate: Prenatal care begun by the 4th month and 80%-109% of recommended visits received.
Intermediate: Prenatal care begun by the 4th month and 50%-79% of recommended visits received.
Inadequate: Prenatal care begun after the 4th month or less than 50% of recommended visits received.

For a discussion of the Kessner and Kotelchuck indexes, see "Kotelchuck, M. An Evaluation of the Kessner Adequacy of Prenatal Care Index and a Proposed Adequacy of Prenatal Care Utilization Index." Am J Public Health. 1994; 84:1414-1420.

Mother's Medicaid Status -
Prenatal Medicaid refers to pregnant women who received Medicaid throughout their pregnancies and had prenatal care and delivery coverage.
Emergency Medicaid refers to women whose Medicaid covered labor and delivery costs only. These are women who did not have Medicaid insurance during pregnancy but did meet Medicaid income and asset limits. Immigration status is NOT a factor for Emergency Medicaid eligibility. Any person, regardless of legal immigrant status, can be eligible for Emergency Medicaid if he/she meets income and asset limits.

Level of Care of Delivery Hospital - These data are only for NC resident births occurring in NC hospitals.

Produced by the N.C. Division Public Health, Women's and Children's Health Section in cooperation with the State Center for Health Statistics.