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2010 Resident Live Births

 North Carolina

North Carolina adopted the 2003 revision of the U.S. Standard Certificate of Live Birth beginning in August 2010. Birth data was collected according to the 1989 U.S. standards from January through July of 2010. Data items related to educational attainment, prenatal care initiation, and tobacco use were collected differently on the 1989 and 2003 revised certificates and are not comparable. As a result, 2010 tables do not include these items.

Risk Factors and Characteristics for

Parity - Total number of pregnancies, including the current live birth

Mother's Medicaid Status -
Prenatal Medicaid refers to pregnant women who received Medicaid throughout their pregnancies and had prenatal care and delivery coverage.
Emergency Medicaid refers to women whose Medicaid covered labor and delivery costs only. These are women who did not have Medicaid insurance during pregnancy but did meet Medicaid income and asset limits. Immigration status is NOT a factor for Emergency Medicaid eligibility. Any person, regardless of legal immigrant status, can be eligible for Emergency Medicaid if he/she meets income and asset limits.

Level of Care of Delivery Hospital - These data are only for NC resident births occurring in NC hospitals.

Produced by the N.C. Division Public Health, Women's and Children's Health Section in cooperation with the State Center for Health Statistics.