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How to Open a Web Document in Excel

If you have Microsoft Excel 97 or later, you can open HTML documents in Excel in order to create charts or do further analyses. Here's how:

  1. While viewing in your browser the web page that contains the data you want to work with further, select "File" and then "Save As...".
  2. Navigate to the directory/folder to which you want to save the data.
  3. Verify that the file type is "HTML Files" (Netscape) or "Web Page, HTML only" (Internet Explorer).
  4. Press the Save button.
  5. In Excel, select "File" and then "Open...".
  6. Navigate to the directory/folder where you saved the data.
  7. Change the "Files of type:" to "HTML Documents".
  8. Select the file you saved and click "Open".
  9. Delete any unnecessary cells such as the header and any navigation links.
  10. Be sure to use the "Save As..." command to save the file as a Microsoft Excel Workbook in order to keep any analyses or charts that you may have added.