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Pocket Guide

North Carolina Health Statistics Pocket Guide 1995 & 1997

North Carolina Pocket Guide If you are familiar with our North Carolina Health Statistics Pocket Guide, this is an online version of that publication. Printed biennially as a pocket-size foldout, its contents are used by students, legislators, and others for research, decision making, and reference when they want health information about North Carolina and its counties. Due to limited availability of the printed version and its popularity, we have presented it here.

What You Can Find in the Pocket Guide

Please note: Some of these links may lead to searchable databases that return results in tabular format. To make it easier to view and print the data, we have taken the navigation menu off the results of such data. Instead a new browser window will open. To return to this page, just close or minimize the new window. Your "Back" button will not work in the new window.

  • Table 1. Demographic, Social and Economic Indicators
  • Table 2. Work, Farm, Home and School Statistics
  • Table 3. Social, Welfare and Health Data
  • Table 4. Pregnancy Outcome Statistics
  • Table 5. Morbidity and Mortality Statistics
  • Table 6. Health Care Resources Data

You will need the free Adobe Reader to access PDF files. Download the latest version from Adobe.

  • Table 7. Demographic, Economic, and Health Care Resources Data
    searchable database
    • Demographic data on the total population, population increase since 1990, and percent of the population in selected age-race-sex groups
    • Economic data on per capita income and percent of families below poverty
    • Health resources data on health care personnel, hospital beds and use, Medicaid, and the use of health departments by children
  • Table 8. Selected Health Indicators
    searchable database
    • Details on pregnancy and birth rates
    • Details on death rates
    • Incidence rates for selected cancers
    • Incidence rates for specific communicable diseases