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2018 North Carolina Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System Survey Results


What were your reasons for not breastfeeding your new baby? I HAD OTHER CHILDREN TO TAKE CARE OF1

N % C.I.(95%) N % C.I.(95%)
Total 119 93 78.7 68.0-86.5 26 21.3 13.5-32.0

1Asked only of mothers that did not breastfeed their baby after delivery. Mothers could cite more than one reason for not breastfeeding their new baby.
2Use caution in interpreting cell sizes less than 50.

Subgroup estimates suppressed because they do not meet statistical reliability standards.
N = Cell Size, % = Percentage, C.I.(95%) = Confidence Interval (at 95 percent probability level).

The percentages shown are weighted percentages, designed to reflect the entire population of North Carolina women having a live birth.
The overall weighted response rate in 2018 was 53%.

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