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Statistics and Reports

Vital Statistics

North Carolina Provisional Vital Statistics

These aggregate reports summarize provisional North Carolina Vital Statistics data, as well as provide comparative reports for several previous closed calendar year files. Reports are updated quarterly for North Carolina births, deaths, fetal deaths, marriages and divorces.

Provisional Vital Statistics Reports

North Carolina Vital Statistics, Volume 1:
Population, Births, Deaths, Marriages, Divorces

For the state, each Perinatal Care Region (PCR) and all 100 North Carolina counties, one page tables summarizing annual and 5-year data by race and selected variables. Maps, graphs and narrative present geographic patterns and statewide trends.

North Carolina Vital Statistics, Volume 2:
Leading Causes of Death

For the state and counties, cause-specific annual and 5-year statistics are presented in the form of frequencies (numbers of deaths), unadjusted death rates and age-adjusted death rates.

Basic Automated Birth Yearbook, North Carolina Residents

Known as the "BABY BOOK", this report is comprised of multiple cross-tabulations of various maternal and infant variables such as age, race, birth order, birth weight and number of prenatal visits as well as medical conditions of the mother, the labor/delivery and the newborn. State and county data reports are presented.

Detailed Mortality Statistics, North Carolina Residents

This statewide report provides annual counts of deaths for specific detailed underlying cause of death (4 digits) and age-race-sex groups. State and county data are presented.

North Carolina Reported Pregnancies

Annual pregnancy, live birth and abortion, statistics are presented by age, race and marital status. Reports are available for the state, Perinatal Care regions and counties.

Infant Mortality Statistics

This report presents statistics on resident infant deaths (deaths occurring prior to one year of age). The report includes tables with numbers and rates by county, trends in infant mortality over time, as well as birth chacteristics.

Child Deaths

This annual report presents aggregate statistics on resident child deaths (ages 0 to 17); including trends in rates and numbers over time, deaths summarized by cause of death and age group. Information is reported for the state, as well as by county.

North Carolina Resident Births by Risk Factors & Characteristics

This report presents annual North Carolina resident birth statistics by selected risk factors and characteristics, including Medicaid status at delivery and Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program participation.

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Vital Facts

These statewide tables are reported annually and present interesting facts on births, deaths, marriages and divorces occurring to residents of the state.

Life Expectancy - State & County Estimates

This report presents life expectancies at the state and county levels, by age group, gender and race (white and African American).

Life Expectancy: North Carolina, State and County

Marriage and Divorce Statistics

This report presents statistics on marriages and divorces occurring in North Carolina. The report includes tables with numbers and rates by county and by month of occurrence.

Other Reports

Special Studies

Archived Reports

Selected resources are in pdf format to make reading and printing easier. You may need to download the free software Adobe Reader to access them.