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Leading Causes of Death in North Carolina

Health Data Query System

Selection Criteria:



Age at Death*:  from   to years

*Note: Age 0 indicates an infant less than 1 year old.
Age 99 indicates age 99 years or older.



County of Residence*:

*To select more than one county, select the first county and hold the control key down during each subsequent selection, or use the shift key to select a range of counties.





Hispanic Origin:


Download Results to MS Excel (optional) Note: For Excel downloads, you may see a pop-up warning that the file extension and format do not match. It should be okay to click "Yes" on the warning and continue to open the file.

Default: Results are displayed in HTML format if the Excel box is not checked.

Note: Results will appear in a new window.


The following lists were used for calculating Leading Causes of Death results: