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Projected New Cancer Cases and Deaths for Selected Sites by Sex
North Carolina, 2002

Primary Cancer SiteProjected New CasesProjected Deaths
Lip, Oral Cavity, Pharynx93062031040532085
     Salivary Glands1005545302010
     Other Parts of Mouth45530515023019040
Digestive Organs, Peritoneum720538603540390520701835
     Small Intestine1507575352015
     Colon, Rectum4435220022351735850885
     Liver, Bile Ducts430285145365225140
     Other, Ill-defined sites43017525516560105
Respiratory System585533602495484029001940
     Bronchus, Lung536029852375469027851905
Bones and Joints754530402020
Soft Tissue including Heart2351251101206060
Malignant Melanoma of the Skin142579063522514085
Genital Organs8675617525001770975795
     Cervix Uteri, Invasive395--395140--140
     Corpus Uteri1160--1160195--195
     Other Female Genital170--17045--45
     Other Male Genital4040--55--
Urinary Organs26601830830705450255
     Urinary Bladder16751225450345230115
     Kidney, Renal Pelvis915560355345210135
     Other Urinary Organs70452515105
Eye and Orbit653530505
Brain, CNS550305245390215175
Endocrine Glands620170450653035
     Thyroid Gland570145425351520
     Other Endocrine Glands502525301515
     Lymphocytic Leukemia42525017517510075
     Myeloid Leukemia445240205275150125
     Monocytic Leukemia201010505
     Other Leukemia10560451659075
     Hodgkin's Disease220115105452520
     Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma1575845730700365335
Multiple Myeloma450235215315160155
ALL SITES3917019750194201660085708030

Includes all carcinomas of the urinary bladder, but excludes carcinoma in situ of all other sites and common skin cancer.

We believe the projections of new prostate cancer cases are higher than they should be. It is hard to project the number of new cases for this site because of the high incidence rates of the early 90's that resulted from the introduction of the PSA test.

Projected: An estimate of the cases, deaths, or disease rates that are expected tooccur in the future based on past experience.

Produced by the NC Central Cancer Registry,
State Center for Health Statistics, DHHS