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2011 BRFSS Survey Results: North Carolina Counties and AHEC Regions


Earlier you indicated you do not have health insurance coverage.
What is the MAIN reason you do not have health insurance?*

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Could not afford premiums Lost job/Changed employer Other
N % C.I.(95%) N % C.I.(95%) N % C.I.(95%)
North Carolina 1,249 643 49.3 45.1-53.6 234 19.3 16.2-22.9 372 31.4 27.4-35.6

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*Asked of those who reported not having any kind of insurance in the Core Section of the survey.

This question has not been asked in previous years.

NOTE: In 2011, the State Center for Health Statistics developed its own set of sample weights for N.C. counties and AHEC regions.
These county and AHEC weights cannot also be used to weight the data for the three N.C. regions. Consequently, regional results are not shown here, as in previous years.

^Use caution in interpreting cell sizes less than 50., % = Percentage, C.I.(95%) = Confidence Interval (at 95 percent probability level).
Percentages are weighted to population characteristics and therefore cannot be calculated exactly from the numbers in this table.

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