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BRFSS - Annual Questionnaires

The BRFSS questionnaire is designed by CDC staff and state coordinators each year. It has three components: 1) the core questions, 2) optional modules, 3) state added questions.

The core questions are asked by all states without any changes as required by CDC. A part of core questions that are asked every year, called the fixed core, include questions on health status, health insurance, smoking, HIV/AIDS, demographics and diabetes. Some core questions are asked every other year and are called the rotating core. And each year a few questions related to emerging health problems are included in the core.

Each year, CDC provides optional modules that are sets of questions on health topics such as diabetes, cardiovascular health, arthritis, folic acid, skin cancer etc. These modules must be asked without any changes for CDC to post the data on its web site and to use in the published reports.

Finally, states can develop their own questions and add to their questionnaires. Most commonly, optional modules, rotating and emerging core questions from previous years or current year optional modules with changes made by states are used as state added questions.

Questionnaires are available for the following years:

1990 (112 KB PDF) 2001 (255 KB PDF) 2011 (381 KB PDF) 2022 (555 KB PDF)
1991 (71 KB PDF) 2002 (188 KB PDF) 2012 (595 KB PDF)  
1992 (87 KB PDF) 2003 (312 KB PDF) 2013 (560 KB PDF)  
1993 (65 KB PDF) 2004 (202 KB PDF) 2014 (632 KB PDF)  
1994 (74 KB PDF) 2005 (872 KB PDF) 2015 (689 KB PDF)  
1995 (87 KB PDF) 2006 (251 KB PDF) 2016 (784 KB PDF)  
1996 (99 KB PDF) 2007 (324 KB PDF) 2017 (703 KB PDF)  
1997 (376 KB PDF) 2008 (298 KB PDF) 2018 (492 KB PDF)  
1998 (242 KB PDF) 2009 v1 (Jan-Aug)
(270 KB PDF)
2019 (507 KB PDF)  
1999 (224 KB PDF) 2009 v2 (Sep-Dec)
(307 KB PDF)
2020 (609 KB PDF)  
2000 (217 KB PDF) 2010 (228 KB PDF) 2021 (541 KB PDF)  

The questionnaires are provided in pdf format. You will need the free Adobe Reader to access them. Download the latest version External link from Adobe.