2018 BRFSS Survey Results: Medicaid Region 1


At Risk for HIV:
I am going to read you a list. When I am done, please tell me if any of the situations apply to you. You do not need to tell me which one.
You have used intravenous drugs in the past year.
You have been treated for a sexually transmitted or venereal disease in the past year.
You have given or received money or drugs in exchange for sex in the past year.
You had anal sex without a condom in the past year.
You had four or more sex partners in the past year.

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Yes No
N % C.I.(95%) N % C.I.(95%)
North Carolina 4,440 235 6.4 5.5- 7.4 4,205 93.6 92.6-94.5
Medicaid Region 1 724 28 4.6 2.8- 7.5 696 95.4 92.5-97.2

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to changes in the weighting methodology and other factors, results from 2018
are NOT comparable to 2010 and earlier years.

Sub-Group estimates have been suppressed because they do not meet statistical reliability standards.

^Use caution in interpreting cell sizes less than 50, % = Percentage, C.I.(95%) = Confidence Interval (at 95 percent probability level).
Percentages are weighted to population characteristics and therefore cannot be calculated exactly from the numbers in this table.

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