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Trends in Key Health Indicators

North Carolina Statewide and County

For each county in North Carolina, the State Center for Health Statistics has produced 24 graphs representing trends in key health indicators at both the county and state levels over approximately the past 15 years. In order to ensure a fair degree of stability in rates and trends when annual numbers for a county may be relatively small, several years of data have been aggregated for an average of each indicator, resulting in three data points for each indicator.


  1. Percentage of Resident Live Births Classified as Low Birthweight
  2. Percentage of Resident Live Births Classified as Very Low Birthweight
  3. Percentage of Resident Live Births that were Premature
  4. Percentage of Resident Live Births Delivered by Cesarean Section
  5. Teen Births (Ages 15-19) per 1,000 Female Residents
  6. Percentage of Resident Teen Births (Ages 15-19) that Were Repeat Pregnancies
  7. Infant Deaths per 1,000 Live Births
  8. Child Deaths per 100,000 Residents Ages 0-17
  9. Age-Adjusted Cardiovascular Disease Death Rates
  10. Age-Adjusted Heart Disease Death Rates
  11. Age-Adjusted Stroke Death Rates
  12. Age-Adjusted Diabetes Death Rates
  13. Age-adjusted Colorectal Cancer Death Rates
  14. Age-Adjusted Trachea, Bronchus, & Lung Cancer Death Rates
  15. Age-Adjusted Female Breast Cancer Incidence Rates
  16. Age-Adjusted Prostate Cancer Incidence Rates
  17. Age-Adjusted Unintentional Motor Vehicle Injury Death Rates
  18. Age-Adjusted Unintentional Injury (excluding MVA) Death Rates
  19. Age-Adjusted Homicide Rates
  20. Age-Adjusted Suicide Death Rates
  21. Number of Primary Care Physicians per 10,000 Residents
  22. Number of Dentists per 10,000 Residents
  23. Number of Registered Nurses per 10,000 Residents
  24. Number of Physician Assistants per 10,000 Residents

Technical Notes

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