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About Us

The North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics is responsible for data collection, health-related research, production of reports and maintenance of a comprehensive collection of health statistics. We provide high quality health information for better informed decisions and effective health policies. Our goal is to improve the health of all North Carolinians and their communities.

The State Center provides:

  • A source of information to monitor the health conditions of North Carolinians
  • Analyses of important health issues, such as birth defects and infant mortality statistics
  • A central collection site for information about cancer, birth defects, births, deaths, marriages and divorces
  • Accurate and timely information for use in setting health policy, planning prevention programs, directing resources and evaluating the effect of health programs and services
  • A safe and secure environment for its confidential records

Visit the Vital Records website for information on obtaining copies of birth, death, marriage and divorce records.


The State Health Center for Health Statistics, by providing high-quality information on the health of North Carolinians, will positively influence decision-making on health policy, thereby improving the health of all our citizens. By making better use of our human and technical resources, we will strive to provide health data and records to policy makers, researchers and citizens as efficiently and quickly as possible. We seek to create for our agency a better work environment, resulting in both successful employees and satisfied customers.


Within its available resources, the State Center responds to special requests. Priority is given to state-mandated and state-funded projects, collaborations and grants. Requests requiring extensive analysis or computer programming may be subject to a charge and completed as available staff time permits.


The State Center for Health Statistics is established by North Carolina General Statute Chapter 130A - Article 15. Its administrative rules are codified as North Carolina Administrative Code Title 10A - Chapter 47.


The North Carolina Bureau of Vital Statistics was created by the State Legislature in 1913. In 1980, the Bureau became known as the State Center for Health Statistics. In 1980, the Governor directed the state health agencies (then known as the Division of Health Services) to administer the statistical activities mandated by the 1978 Public Law 95-623. Under this Act, the State Center was formed to coordinate all health data activity in the state and to explore new ways of obtaining, analyzing and disseminating health data.