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Pocket Guide

North Carolina Health Statistics Pocket Guide 2017

Social Determinants of Health: Mapping Healthy Opportunities (PDF 933 KB)

Complete Printable Pocket Guide (PDF 2.1 MB)

United States and North Carolina

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North Carolina and Counties

  • Table 7. Demographic, Economic, and Health Resources Data
    • Resident Population - July 1, 2017 (PDF 136 KB, Excel 26 KB)
    • Economic and Health Resources Data (PDF 125 KB, Excel 28 KB)
    • Birth and Medicaid Statistics (PDF 106 KB, Excel 42 KB)
  • Table 8. Selected Health Indicators
    • Pregnancy Statistics Total and Females, 15-19 (PDF 125 KB, Excel 43 KB)
    • Mortality and Morbidity Statistics (PDF 153 KB, Excel 25 KB)

Explanatory Notes

In most cases, table headings and footnotes provide definitions for the reported statistics. Additional information needed for data clarification includes the following:

Number of States Higher

This figure is given whenever the statistic or the required numerators and denominators were available for states. NA means not available.

Place of Event

Unless otherwise noted, data are by place of residence.


Some of the county-level rates of Table 8 have been adjusted for age. Thus, the differences observed are due to factors other than the age distribution of the populations. For smaller counties, the measures in Table 8 may be unstable due to small numbers of events.

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