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Detailed Mortality Statistics

Vital Statistics

Introduction to 2020 Detailed Mortality Statistics

This report contains tables showing deaths of residents classified by cause, age, race, and sex. The report is prepared for the state and counties in North Carolina. This report supplements two annual publications, North Carolina Vital Statistics, Volume 1 and Volume 2.

The counts of deaths for each cause are shown for the race-sex and age categories. Race categories are white (W), African American or Black (B) and Other (O). The Other race category includes American Indians, Asians and Pacific Islanders.

Four age categories are shown for infants - less than 1 day, less than 1 week, less than 28 days, and less than 1 year of age. These age categories are cumulative such that a death occurring during the first day of life is counted again in the three subsequent age categories. For deaths occurring at one year of age or older, counts are grouped into 5 or 10 year age intervals (age in completed years).

The cause of death is the underlying cause classified according to the tenth revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

Counts of deaths are displayed for the detailed list of causes. Only a limited amount of the name of each cause category is printed. If a particular category does not appear, this indicates no deaths were recorded this year. Complete descriptions of the cause categories are provided in the ICD.

The cause of death categories are ordered from the general to the specific. The 4-digit category is the most specific classification. A 3-digit category is the sum of 4-digit categories having the same first three digits. A group of the categories is the sum of 3-digit categories with similar attributes. A sum of groups form a section, of which there are twenty. The following example illustrates the four levels of the cause of death:

Level ICD Code Category
Section I00-I99 IX. Diseases of the Circulatory System
Group I10-I15 Hypertensive Diseases
3-Digits I11 Hypertensive Heart Disease
4-Digits I11.0 -- with (congestive) heart failure
I11.9 -- without (congestive) heart failure

Three sections (II, XIII, and XX) also have blocks of codes within the "Groups" to provide greater specificity.