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Reported Pregnancies

Vital Statistics

2013 Reported Pregnancies


The data presented are for all North Carolina pregnancies. Total pregnancies represent the sum of all induced abortions, live births, and fetal deaths 20 or more weeks of gestation reported in the state. Not included are spontaneous fetal deaths (still births) occurring prior to 20 weeks gestation, which are not reportable to the state. Special emphasis is placed on abortions, given that they are not reported in other SCHS publications.

NOTE: All tables below are provided in both rtf (Rich Text Format) for file downloading and in pdf (Portable Document Format) for on-screen viewing and easy printout.

The number of induced termination of pregnancy (abortion) forms submitted to the State Center for Health Statistics (SCHS) was underreported from 2011-2014. Please use caution when interpreting abortion and pregnancy numbers and rates from 2011-2014.

Glossary of Terms

Pregnancy, Fertility, Abortion, and Fetal Death Rates

  • Pregnancy Rates, Fertility Rates, Abortion Rates, Abortion Fractions, & Fetal Death Rates: North Carolina Residents, 2004-2013 (pdf, rtf)
  • Pregnancy Rates by Race/Ethnicity for Women by age: North Carolina, Regions & Counties, 2013
  • Fertility Rates by Race/Ethnicity for Women by age: North Carolina, Regions & Counties, 2013
  • Abortion Rates by Race/Ethnicity for Women by age: North Carolina, Regions & Counties, 2013
  • Total Resident Pregnancies: North Carolina, 2013 (pdf, rtf)
  • Total Resident Pregnancies: Perinatal Care Region, 2013 (pdf, rtf)
  • Total Resident Pregnancies by County of Residence: 100 NC Counties, 2013 (pdf, rtf)
  • N.C. Resident Repeat Teen Pregnancies, 2013 (pdf, rtf)

Reported Induced Abortions

  • Reported Induced Abortions by Perinatal Care Region and County: Occurrence Data and Resident Data, 2013 (pdf, rtf)
  • Summary of Characteristics of Women Receiving Abortions: North Carolina Resident Data, 2004-2013 Percent Distribution (pdf, rtf)
  • Resident Induced Abortions by Race/Ethnicity of Abortee North Carolina 2004-2013 (pdf, rtf)
  • Abortion Rates & Abortion Fractions by Age: North Carolina, 2004-2013 (pdf, rtf)

Live Births

  • Resident Live Births by Race/Ethnicity of Child: North Carolina, 2004-2013 (pdf, rtf)
  • Fertility Rates by Age & Race/Ethnicity: North Carolina, 2004-2013 (pdf, rtf)
  • Selected Live Birth Trends: North Carolina, 2004-2013 Percentages (pdf, rtf)

Fetal Deaths

  • Resident Fetal Deaths by Race/Ethnicity: North Carolina 2004-2013 (pdf, rtf)
  • Fetal Deaths by Maternal Age & Race/Ethnicity: North Carolina 2004-2013 (pdf, rtf)

A note about county-level fetal death rates: Single year fetal death rates are not routinely created due to problems with rates based on small numbers. Therefore, only county numbers are presented in this report. If you are interested in fetal death rates by county, please refer to the 5 year fetal death rates reported in NC Vital Statistics, Volume 1.