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CCR Reporting Requirements

Reporting Quick References

Central Cancer Registries have reporting requirements that differ from other standard setting agencies. Data reporters in NC facilities must ensure they are meeting the requirements of the NC CCR in addition to any other agency requirements. The following posters highlight key topics specific to the NC CCR. Click on the image to review and download the document.

Address Validation Tool

N.C. CCR Address Validation Tool
Data reporters can use this stand-alone application to quickly determine whether an address is valid, using a drill down technique that is superior to the search methods available on commonly used address validation websites.

CCARM - The NC CCR Reporting Manual

Cancer Collection and Reporting Manual (CCARM) - 2022 (6.7 MB PDF)
The Cancer Collection and Reporting Manual (CCARM) defines the requirements for reporting to the NC CCR including cases required to be reported, timelines for reporting and specific data items and coding instructions required to describe the cancer. Data reporters are required to follow the guidelines contained in this document and must apply the coding instructions for each data item when abstracting cases. These reporting requirements follow national data standards to ensure the uniform description and reporting of neoplastic diseases. Proper classification is essential for clinicians and researchers to evaluate results of management and to serve as the standard for reporting on the incidence and outcome of cancer to the healthcare community and the public.

Data Record Layout

N.C. CCR XML Data Exchange Documentation (299 KB PDF)
N.C. CCR XML Data Exchange Requirements – New Case and Modified Records (64 KB Excel)

These documents are intended for software vendors responsible for developing automated reporting systems that meet the requirements of the NC CCR. These documents describe the format in which the collected data should be reported. The requirements for New Case Records (record type A) and Modified Records (record type M) are included and are in accordance with the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR) XML Data Exchange Standards version 23.

Edit Metafile

N.C. CCR Edit Metafile (19 MB Zip file)
This edit metafile is a modified version of the NAACCR Version 23 Metafile. Vendors must require that all records submitted to the NC CCR pass all edits specified in this metafile. Facilities should use the "Hospital Transmit Edit Set" within the metafile.

Additional Information